SCC Founder and Vice President: Al Lavalley


 Ever since he was a young child, Station Class Constructors Vice President and Founder Al LaValley knew he wanted to own his own Business. Perhaps this desire came from his enterprising father, who among other things, owned a farm as well as a sawmill. Perhaps it came from his experiences working with livestock on his father’s busy farm. Either way, it seems Al was destined to start a business from the very beginning.

 After serving his country in the United States Air Force and the Maine Air National Gaurd, Al began working for a mid-size electrical contracting company out of Portland, ME. After rising through the ranks to become one of the top managers in the company, Al decided it was time to venture out on his own. In 1991, in partnership with David Smith, Station Class Constructors was formed. As the company grew through the years, David began to lose interest and eventually sold his half of the company to Al in 1997. Since then the company has continued to grow.

 Now 21 years old, SCC has become an Electrical/Mechanical Contractor specializing in a wide range of Industrial, Commercial and Residential applications. From installing electrical outlets in your home, to implementing some of the most complex Industrial Automation available today, Station Class Constructors has greatly diversified.


As the company has expanded so has the need for Leadership. SCC has developed a diverse leadership team to facilitate smooth operation in the company. In addition to Al, some other members of the Leadership Team are:

Marc Bessette- Service Manager

Marc began working for SCC in the early days of the company as a journeyman electrician. After 4 years with the company he moved to management and has held various management posts since then. Marc is currently the Service Manager for Station Class Constructors.

Pete LeCours- Mechanical Supervisor

Pete lives in the Western Mountains of Maine. He was educated in the Rumford School System and received a 2 yr degree in Building Construction from Central Maine College. Pete has over 20 years of experience and 16 years in supervision of Heavy Industrial Construction in Pulp & Paper, Chemical, Textile and various Manufacturing Facilities located throughout New England. Pete initially worked with SCC as a subcontractor on a job he was managing, but found that the emphasis on Safety, Quality and Planning were exactly what he was looking for in an employer. In July of 2002 Peter joined the SCC team as the Mechanical Superintendent.

Eric J. Gill- Project Engineer

Eric began working at SCC during his Sophomore year at college as a Electrician’s assistant. Eric achieved his Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from the University of Maine at Orono, in May of 2003. After obtaining this degree Eric advanced to the position of Project Engineer, and continues to work hard for SCC’s goals and ambitions.



 Mission Statement: Station Class Constructors was founded in 1991 with specific goals and intentions. It is a goal of SCC to provide its customers with the highest quality electrical installations, maintenance and their associated counterparts. It is a goal of SCC  to experience a controlled growth and a reasonable profit for its operations. It is a goal of SCC  to maintain a zero injury workplace. It is SCC's intention to accomplish these goals by producing the highest quality of workmanship performed by qualified employees working in the safest environment possible.


  661 Washington Street N, P.O. Box 1957, Auburn, ME 04211

Phone 207-784-7040, Fax 800-878-1892